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Awareness and Life Performance

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Many people are unaware of their full potential and the endless opportunities available to them.  Potential is present in everyone in various quantities.  Unlocking this inner power through identifying where personal improvements can be made, makes dreams and goals a tangible reality.

Unlocking Potential

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The spirit of a pioneer encompasses the ability to rise from failure and enjoy successes.  Pioneers are able to sustain high states of performance without the burnout by creating a balanced sustainable state of being.  Self awareness is imperative to personal growth whilst climbing the mountain of life.

Pioneering Spirit

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When a person aspires to improve they also create an inner inspirational state that will help drive them forwards.  Leading by example can help ignite the spark in others to do the same.

Aspiring & Inspiring

Our Mission 

Our mission is to empower, so you can make a change for you and others. Pioneering edge offers strategies and solutions that provide whole life balance and harmony development. Providing awareness, ownership and change that enables you to develop or find your life purpose. Don’t just wait and hope for a change — be a pioneer and intentional about life!


At Pioneering Edge, we believe that life is for thriving, not just surviving!
Improve it on purpose!

Why our clients come to us... To improve personal health, mental health, life and career performance. Increasing potential opportunity from their life goals!

Girl Lying on Dry Ground
  • Gaining life advantage.

  • Fulfilling aspirations. 

  • Goal planning and achievement.

  • Stress usefulness.

  • Resilience based contingency.

  • Confidence and self belief.

Wendy Smith

“whatever you think you’re not wrong”


I spent the past 30 years overcoming adversity which was created by a motorbike accident resulting in a spinal injury and paralysis from the chest down. I walked out of hospital 8 months later and wanted to find out the “Why” behind my spinal cord recovery. This journey has led me to a paralympic games wheelchair basketball player, has stood me on stages with Lords and other prestigious individuals as a speaker, has given me the opportunity to work with over 700 people in therapeutic services and provide education for the young and the old.

Personal values and beliefs. 

Honesty, trust and loyalty are my main driving values. As a coach I pride myself on being able to adapt my style to fit the individual. Communication is key to effective coaching and listening skills are essential, I have both in abundance. Compassion and support are part of any session when needed or just a good old kick up the butt, everyone is different and I will easily fit the approach that suits my clients best.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

  • Ownership of identity and self.

  • Development of clarity, communication and direction.

  • Creating opportunity utilising thought processes and patterns.

The Stars

  • Behaviour and emotional awareness.

  • Physical, Heart and Mind discovery and development.

John Phillips

Having spent over 30 years working with people from all walks of life; coaching, training, mentoring and facilitating many individuals and teams providing innovative ways of increasing self and hostile awareness. More recently John is in the process of completing a PHD in Natural Medicine, his outlook is to provide real life results with regards to self awareness and what the body, mind, gut and heart are capable of achieving when you are in control.

Personal values and beliefs. 

As a Quantum Health Coach, I am led by my humility and my emotional and heart intuition. An approach that is rooted in the values of kindness, openness and honesty. When working with clients toward the unknown, I believe that there is no space for ego. Focusing entirely on supporting you to achieve, and taking pride in empowering people from whatever backgrounds to live their lives with happiness, health, focus, intention and on purpose.


Pioneering Edge provide bespoke team and individual packages Because as human beings we are all unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 21 day challenge with Wendy & John as it really helped me develop my self awareness and understand my habits. It was a non judgemental and open space to have honest conversations. This has really helped with my self confidence. I have gained some incredible skills and spiked an interest in psychology too.

Lucy - Entrepreneur

“Before working with Wendy & John I felt stuck, defeated, drained and on autopilot. Following a 21 day plan that involved multiple aspects of personal development, awareness and ownership exercises, I felt positive, focused, full of intention and committed to get my outcomes. The program was supportive and enjoyable”.

Jo - Police Worker


"I run a sports management agency and the provision of emotional and psychology support to our young professional sports people is central to our success. John and the team at Pioneering Edge have become indispensable to our business. Our players are under huge pressure to succeed and perform to a very high level on a regular basis. Sessions with John enable our clients to overcome fear of failure, increase mental toughness and generally enhance the strength of the platform from which they progress through the ranks in professional sport. In short, Pioneering Edge help to hone and build the characteristics that create success and build winners. The team are friendly, professional and incredibly talented. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you Pioneering Edge for your support!

A sports management company Testimonial – Rock Sports Management


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