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The program I underwent with John & Wendy focused my attention. It drummed into me how approaching my tasks with intention will give me more fulfilment. I have now committed to certain tasks everyday and begun publishing articles again. Before the program I was terrified about what people would think of me and now I appreciate my talents and feel happy to share them with the world.

Claire - Author, Blogger & Publisher

In all honesty I did not know what to expect from the course and began with a totally open mindset for change. I became acutely aware that even though I already had great practices in my life, I had turned into an autopilot machine and had lost the intention behind my actions. This hard hitting insight was great and just what I needed to shake things up and get back on track. It was an interactive supportive experience and I highly recommend Wendy & John.

Bobbie - Graphic Designer & Photographer

My daughter told me that seeing and working with John was the most positive and helpful experience she had whilst she was an inpatient. She felt that John could help in her journey to recovery.  John's compassionate nature demonstrated true intention to help others and genuinely make a difference in people’s lives. 

As a mother I would not hesitate to recommend John. I have high esteem for him and deepest gratitude.

I thank him and his team for his humanity and the care provided.

A mothers Testimonial

“I had several sessions with John and Wendy of Pioneering Edge. This was genuinely transformational stuff. I wouldn’t have traditionally thought of myself as someone who would engage with this sort of support, but their approach was genuine, engaging and accessible. It also felt so much more credible because of John and Wendy’s backgrounds; this was not purely theoretical but was supported by real personal experience and demonstrations of real mental resilience.

In a comfortable but enlightening way they helped me identify self-defeating behaviours and their root causes, and then equipped me to address them. The results were immediate and have shown real benefit in both my professional and private life

Leader Testimonial

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